A most charitable birthday

The happy horse Hell Oh Baby of the Angela Davies stables in Gosford.

August 1 is traditionally the birthday of all horses in the southern hemisphere (January 1 for northern hemisphere horses) – it was a little extra special for the horses under the care of Central Coast trainer Angela Davies.

The global standard horses’ birth date, which is based on the breeding season, is used to standardise the equine industry, notably horse racing, which uses the date to put horses in their age grades for races.

Angela Davies with one of her happy horses.

Davies was pleasantly surprised by the spontaneous generosity of a local op shop that gifted her and her horses a series of pre-loved towels that she uses to keep the horses warm and dry at training on cold winter mornings.

“It was a lovely surprise when I came to the counter to buy the used towels, the counter staff said it was the horses’ birthday and the towels were gratis

“I spend a good deal of money supporting our local op shops, like the big Salvos store at West Gosford,” said Davies

“The gesture put a real smile on my face knowing the community cares, my horses will have a warm and dry training session this week as a result”.

Primary source: Interview Angela Davies, August 1, 2022

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