RYSS opens new One3One hub in Gosford

The opening of the new One3One hub in Gosford

Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS) finally opened its new hub in Gosford on July 1.

With a shopfront at 131 Henry Parry Dr and the hub situated at 131 Erina St, RYSS CEO, Kim McLoughry, said it was only fitting that the new premises should be named – One3One.

The RYSS Youth Hub opens with the ribbon cut by CEO, Kim McLoughry and Member for Robertson, Dr Gordon Reid

McLoughry said the service’s primary aim was to work for young people in our community aged 12-25.

“We take anyone from the Central Coast in that age group and will also work with their families,” she said.

“We have a unique piece of funding for two years so we can integrate more closely with the community.

“We all want to get to better and our diversity is our strength – we are helping our entire community in this stunning and strong Darkinjung country.”

Helping McLoughry cut the ribbon on July 1 was Member for Robertson, Gordon Reid, who praised the “outstanding” facility.

“I commend you for all the work you do tin the community not only supporting our youth and building foundations for our young people – but also saving lives,” Reid said.

McLoughry said there were several new programs set to run at the new hub.

Alternatives, a wellbeing program for young people when suspended from high school, will run over four days from August 1-4, August 15-18 and August 29-September 1 between 10am and noon.

The program supports young people aged 12-18 currently on a school suspension with a range of encouraging, challenging, and engaging topics designed to help better connect with their peers, their education, and their relationships.

Transport is provided to and from the hub for each two-hour session.

The Building Up, Rising Up program prepares young people aged 14-24 for employment.

It supports young people in building their employment skills, understanding the job seeking process and getting ready for their employment journey.

Each week young people will engage in activities that will help them develop and build employment and life skills whilst understanding employment pathways and the job application process.

Transport can be provided and the six-week program will run from 1-3pm on Tuesdays from July 26-August 30.

Podcast Workshops will be held from 4-6pm on six Wednesdays from July 27-Agust 31.

Aimed at 15-24-year-olds, the workshops provide a series of engaging and creative peer-led sessions, made for young people by young people.

The workshops will develop a series of podcasts, available on Spotify, that explore some of the most important current issues and challenges that young people in our community are facing – discussing inspired stories using the art of “story telling” and offering real strategies and solutions to help listeners who may be experiencing the same challenges.

I-respect, a healthy and respectful relationships program for young men aged 15-24 will be held on Mondays between 1pm and 3pm for six weeks from July 25-August 29.

The program is designed to teach young males what it is like to have healthy and respectful relationships and the importance of supporting each other emotionally and holding each other to account.

The focus is for participants to understand that everyone has the right to be safe and be considered equal.

Young people can increase overall health and wellbeing through a range of fun physical activities at the Fitness Group, to run for six weeks on Tuesdays from 4-6pm from July 26-August 30.

Activities are designed specifically and include fitness boxing, circuit training and basic self-defence.

The program focuses not just on physical health, but also helps young people understand and strengthen their mental health and wellbeing, informs on ways to improve mental wellbeing, and guides young people to where they can access further support.

The Shark Cage, a program to empower young woman who have experienced abuse and violence, will be held on Wednesdays from 1-3pm for eight weeks from July 27-September 14.

The eight-week evidence-based program explores common types of abuse that women experience and how this abuse relates to violations in human rights.

It is relevant for women who have experienced more than one instance of abuse in their lives and may have begun to internalise social messages of victim-blaming.

For bookings call 4323 2374 or email administration@ryss.com.au.

Terry Collins

RYSS CEO, Kim McLoughry, at the opening