Rebates on road tolls to benefit Coast commuters

The North Connex toll road is used by many Central Coast commuters. Image CCN

Central Coast commuters travelling to Sydney could save up to $750 a year on road tolls with the introduction of the Toll Rebate Scheme from July 1.

Under the new scheme drivers will receive a 40 percent rebate for tolls incurred once they spend $375 annually, with the maximum benefit for each customer being $750.

Toll rebates will be paid quarterly and for the first time pensioners will be also be eligible for toll relief.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean said the new roll relief package would be especially beneficial for motorists and eligible small business operators travelling in the western, north-western and south-western areas of Sydney.

“We are a Government that wants travelling on the State’s roads to be quicker and easier, as well as more affordable, which is what this toll relief will provide,” he said.

“About 500,000 NSW motorists are expected to benefit from this new measure, which is more than double the number of road users presently receiving toll relief.”

Minister for Metropolitan Roads, Natalie Ward, said the two-year scheme would support families and small businesses and help make regular use of toll roads more affordable while the Government reviewed options to deliver a fair and equitable toll pricing system.

“This toll relief applies across all toll roads, which means more money in the pockets of more motorists more often,” she said.

Road users will still be able to access a rebate on their registration renewal up until June 30, 2023 for tolls incurred between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

For tolls incurred from July 1, 2022, customers will benefit from the new Toll Rebate Scheme and will receive their first rebate payment in early 2023, followed by quarterly payments thereafter.

See the Service NSW website to claim your rebate.

Source: Media release, July 1, 2022, NSW Government