Application to replace fire-damaged oyster processing facility

The building was gutted by fire last September

The lessee of land at 15 Kowan Rd, Mooney Mooney, has lodged a development application with Central Coast Council for the replacement of a shed on the industrial site which was gutted by fire in September last year.

The site is located within a strip of industrial zoned land located along the foreshore of the Hawkesbury River and has been developed along with the adjoining lots to undertake the processing of oysters that are grown and harvested within the Hawkesbury River.

The site includes a fire damaged shed and driveway and hardstand areas surrounding the damaged building.

A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) lodged with the application says the proposed development involves the removal of the existing fire-damaged industrial building and the erection of a new industrial building of a site and scale commensurate with that of the existing building to the rear of the site.

“The metal framed warehouse would be cladded masonry blocks with colorbond roof sheeting per previous construction,” the SEE says.

The building would be fitted out for processing of oysters and include a light vehicle parking bay, entry, store rooms, crib room and bathroom.

The upper floor would include an office space with bathroom and open mezzanine.

The proposal includes an awning located to the end of the driveway, located on the northern side of the lot.

“Once the building is constructed the shed would be utilised for the processing of oysters that have been harvested from the Hawkesbury River, cleaned graded and bagged and for wholesale distribution only,” the SEE says.

“The shed is also used to for repair and pre-assembling infrastructure such as plastic baskets, long line, boat repairs and fabrication of jigs and fixtures (as well as storage).”

Submissions will be accepted until July 29.

Verified source: Central Coast Council DA tracker – DA1093/2022

An artist’s impression of the new shed