Toll relief in sight for commuting Central Coast motorists

Toll relief is in sight for Coast commuters using toll roads such as Northconnex

Central Coast motorists who commute regularly to Sydney could save up to $750 a year on tolls under the NSW Government’s Toll Rebate Scheme, to be announced in next week’s State Budget.

About half a million NSW motorists will receive cash rebates paid quarterly into their bank accounts under the NSW Government’s Toll Rebate Scheme to be included in this month’s Budget.

Under the new relief package, motorists will receive a 40 per cent rebate for tolls incurred once they spend more than $375 in a year, with the maximum annual benefit for each customer to be $750.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said the new scheme would see more NSW motorists benefit from targeted payments compared with the existing Registration Relief Scheme.

“This new program will provide more relief, more often to more motorists,” Perrottet said.

“The number of road users receiving toll relief will more than double; almost 300,000 extra drivers will benefit.”

Perrottet said the program would provide a fairer and more equitable system based more closely on the amount a motorist actually spends on tolls.

It will be in place for an initial two-year period, while the government finalises and implements long term tolling reforms.

Treasurer Matt Kean said the new toll relief measures improve the affordability of toll road travel for individuals, families and small businesses.

“Tolling enables major new and upgraded motorways to be delivered years and even decades ahead of time,” he said.

“This package will put money back in motorists’ bank accounts to help ease cost of living pressures.”

Minister for Metropolitan Roads, Natalie Ward, said the toll rebates would also reduce congestion on key arterial roads.

“This system aims to optimise Sydney’s motorway network to ensure families and small businesses who rely on our roads for their daily commutes spend less time in traffic and more time at home or servicing their customers,” she said.

For tolls incurred up to June 30, road users can continue to receive vehicle registration relief until June 30, 2023.

For tolls incurred from July 1, customers can access the new program and will receive their first rebate payment in early 2023, followed by quarterly payments.

The M5 South West Cashback Scheme will continue and the Toll Reform Review will continue to consider further policy reform options.

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