Subdivision changes to Jilliby industrial project

Warner Industrial Park at Jilliby

Changes to the development of Warner Industrial Park have been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Warner Industrial Park, at the corner of Sparks Rd and Hue Hue Rd in Jilliby, comprises about 105ha within the Wyong Employment Zone.

About 82ha will be subdivided into a variety of lot sizes from 0.45ha to 2ha and part of the site is retained for environmental purposes to conserve natural vegetation and habitats, protect Buttonderry Creek and maintain a buffer along the M1 motorway.

Project approval in 2010 encompassed two subdivision stages for 90 industrial lots, dedication of conservation lands to Central Coast Council, construction of two entry intersections off Sparks Rd and Hue Hue Rd and a bridge across Buttonderry Creek.

There hasn’t been any development since then, mainly because of the scale of stage one, which is why Warnervale LF Pty Ltd sought approval in February 2022 to split stage one of the project into four sub-stages.

The developer advised that the gradual rollout of the subdivision and associated infrastructure would improve the financial viability of the development.  

An updated design for the Hue Hue Rd intersection was presented, along with minor updates to stormwater and flooding infrastructure to align with Central Coast Council’s current requirements.

Buttonderry Creek restoration and rehabilitation work, including the bridge, will be completed during the second and third sub-stage of the overall Stage 1.

Amendments to the biodiversity related conditions allows developer contributions to be paid in stages, ensuring continuing protection for Buttonderry Creek corridor as well as making funds available to Council for the acquisition of other conservation lands with the Wyong Employment Zone.

Sue Murray