Amnesty for social housing tenants

Opening a social housing property at Point Clare in 2019

People living in social housing on the Central Coast can contribute to providing a fairer rental system for those in need, with the NSW Government set to run its fourth Tenant Amnesty.

Minister for Families and Communities, Natasha Maclaren-Jones, said the initiative is an opportunity for social housing tenants to disclose changes in their circumstances without fear of penalties.

“The amnesty is about making sure all social housing residents get a fair go,” Maclaren-Jones said.

“We understand the past two years have been difficult for many people in NSW.

“Circumstances may have changed and extra pressures due to the pandemic may have resulted in these going unreported.

“Now’s the chance for tenants during the six-week amnesty period to come forward and tell us about changes in their household, income, assets and property ownership, knowing there won’t be consequences for doing so.”

The Tenant Amnesty offers Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) Housing and Aboriginal Housing residents protection from penalties for not declaring income such as Centrelink support, wages, shares or assets, as well as having unauthorised occupants in social housing.

Tenants who declare changes in their circumstances during the amnesty period will not have to pay back rent or face prosecution.

Members of the public can also contact DCJ to report any concerns in confidence.

The amnesty helps unlock revenue to be reinvested in the community and runs until July 17.

Tenants can disclose changes or the general public can make a report via an online form at, by emailing or by calling 1800 422 322.

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Primary Source: Media release, Jun 6 2022, Minister for Families and Communities, Natasha Maclaren-Jones

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