Academy of sport welcomes placement students

Tye McGann with Mikaela Hopkins, Saoirse Henderson Foley and Zoe Barber

The Central Coast Academy of Sport (CCAS) has welcomed five “placement” students, who are undertaking the University of Newcastle (UoN) Exercise and Sports Science Degree, to its office.

CCAS Programs and Strength and Conditioning Manager, Tye McGann, has been working in partnership with the uni to ensure the administration capacity of the organisation continues to meet the ever-expanding needs of the local sporting sector.

Having recently hosted a highly successful Regional Academies of Sport Coaches Conference, CCAS has welcomed the additional support in its administration centre to account for the many jobs required after attending the conference and with the recent launch of touch football, swimming and athletics.

UoN has been instrumental in assisting the CCAS with the delivery of the Aboriginal Talent ID program, fitness testing of athletes across a multitude of sporting programs.

It has also helped with capturing data to help athletes’ progress in their chosen sporting discipline.

Himself a PhD candidate of the UoN, McGann said the placement program would help the organisation in the ever-changing world of technology integration in the data capture space.

“To be able to facilitate the growth of young minds in the industry I so passionately love is an amazing experience,” he said.

“After being where the students are, placement opportunities and workplace hours are one of the most pivotal influences throughout a degree.

“As the sport science industry is developing at an exponential rate, data science and analysis is becoming a key focus.

“To have extra sets of hand and eyes helping to crunch numbers helps, but to be able to give these students a snapshot to the sheer scale in which the Regional Academies data network reaches to and the profound influences that we pose on the future generations of Olympic level athletes is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The placement students will also help establish some open strength and conditioning sessions for CCAS athletes, giving them exposure to skills and opportunities to grow and expanding opportunities for the athletes to develop and potentially become future Olympians.

Fostering and nurturing the relationship with UoN and the Exercise and Sport Science department moving forward is a key focus for CCAS.

Media release, Jun 4
Central Coast Academy of Sport