Steiner School goes solar

The Central Coast Steiner School in Fountaindale has a shiny new rooftop solar system, courtesy of a $68,094 interest-free loan from Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (CORENA).

The school also provided $74,903 to fund the full cost of the 100kW solar installation.

An initial 30kW of solar panels has been installed on the roof of the school’s gymnasium, with a further 70kW of panels to be installed once construction of the school’s new performing arts centre is completed in coming months.

The 260-panel combined 100kW solar installation will avoid an estimated 127,750kWh of grid electricity every year – equivalent to 23 average homes.

The system is set to reduce the school’s electricity bills by $12,000 per year. The CORENA loan will be repaid using these savings in five-and-a-half years.

School Principal, Rosemary Michalowski, said the panels were a step towards the goal of sourcing all the school’s electricity from renewable resources.

“The school and the school community are appreciative of the assistance provided by CORENA to enable the school’s renewable resources vision to be achieved,” she said.

CORENA operates Australia’s longest-running donor-driven fund for practical climate action.

The fund offers interest-free loans to not-for-profit and community organisations to pay for projects that reduce carbon emissions.

Citizens who want to reduce emissions make donations via the CORENA website to crowd-fund the loans.

As loans are repaid to the fund they are used to fund future projects.

Founder Margaret Hender said CORENA’s loans and expert advice made it easy for non-profits to become climate champions.

“All of us can play a part in responding to the urgent imperative of reducing fossil fuel use,” she said.

She said this was CORENA’s 44th loan and the fourth to education facilities.

Community organisations are encouraged to apply for an interest-free loan to install solar systems, improve their energy efficiency, replace gas appliances with efficient electric alternatives, or to purchase electric vehicles.

See details at

Donations to fund CORENA loans can be made on the website.

Media release, May 3

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  1. Ian Oxenford | May 13, 2022 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    Great to see Steiner setting a good example, Rudolph would be proud.

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