State win for CWA cooking whiz

Amy Scott with her prize-winning butter cake

Woy Woy CWA member, Amy Scott, has won her first Land Cookery competition at state level – and she couldn’t be more chuffed.

Scott took first prize at the recent NSW State Conference for her butter cake.

“I joined the CWA around eight years ago,” she said. “I had always wanted to join, but bringing up a young family in Sydney with a husband who was a shift worker didn’t give me the opportunity.

“When we moved to the Coast eight years ago, one of the first things I did was join. It has been a fantastic way to get to know my community and establish friendship groups.”

Always a keen cook, Scott is now the Woy Woy branch Cookery Officer and a qualified Land Cookery judge.

“It took a few years of mentoring and exams but I got there,” she said. “Now I am asked to judge regional shows – wherever they want me in NSW.”

Before judging at state level, entrants have to come first or second at the local level and first at the group level.

“I received second place at state level a few years back for my marmalade but winning a first prize was a lovely surprise,” she said.

“We have all ages in the Woy Woy branch, from women in their late twenties to some approaching 90.

“It’s quite a diverse branch. There is nothing wrong with tradition but it is also important to move with the times.

“There are a lot of younger women joining the CWA, which is fantastic. But I do enjoy the company of the older ladies as well – they impart so much knowledge and wisdom.

“It goes the other way as well, with younger members helping the older ladies with things they might not have attempted such as using the internet.”

The Woy Woy branch meets each week.

“We have ladies with a variety of talents. Some are good at handicrafts, some belong to our writing group, some are more technically minded or have social media talents,” Scott said.

“We study a different country every year and also study agriculture and the environment.

“Some people like to just have a cup of tea and a chat – and of course, there is a lot of cookery.”

Branch President, Jane Bowtell, said members were proud of Scott and grateful to her for sharing her advice and experience.

The branch is gearing up for its 90th birthday celebrations on June 8 at 10am.

“The Woy Woy CWA has been a constant presence on the Peninsula since 1932,” Bowtell said.

“In recent years we have gone from strength to strength and currently have almost 60 members who continue to help the branch grow and remain relevant in 2022.”

She said the high tea on June 8 would honour founding members and all they achieved, as well as embracing current community needs and future expectations.

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Terry Collins