Inner Wheel stall supports those in need

The Inner Wheel stall at Kincumber

The Inner Wheel of Gosford North held another successful handcraft stall in Kincumber Village Shopping Centre on April 29 to support local charities.

We Care Connect (WCC) is one of the biggest benefactors of the club’s fundraising.

“They aid vulnerable families on our Coast and in the Hunter with goods and monies donated,” Inner Wheel spokesperson, Glenis Marshall, said.

“Over the COVID period many young families with children struggled with the cost of living increasing, so they reach out to charities such as WCC and Coast Shelter for support.

“A sad fact is that 10,000 children on the Coast live below the poverty line.

“We have also been in touch with one of our sister clubs in Lismore and are endeavouring to aid some of the families that have suffered through the recent floods.”

The worldwide women’s service club welcomes new members who want to make new friends, have fun and give service to those in need.

For details, call 0417 480 549.

Media release, May 1
Inner Wheel Gosford North

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