Davistown residents want pothole repair schedule stepped up

Potholes like these in Kincumber Cres are causing major vehicle damage

Davistown Progress Association is asking how roads funding for flood affected areas has been prioritised by Central Coast Council, with major works needed in the suburb not scheduled for attention until the 2022-23 financial year and the one after that.

Council had advised that renewal works are set to be undertaken in Kincumber Cres during the next financial year, with works on Magnolia Ave not scheduled until the 2023-24 financial year.

Progress Association President, Jenny McCulla, says one section of Kincumber Cres (just past the Magnolia Ave intersection) has 24 potholes with residents fearful of damage to their cars and possible head-on collisions.

“When a section of road becomes very dangerous due to the huge number of potholes, residents truly hope Council will be flexible enough to step up its program,” McCulla said.

“If Council has applied for the flood repair funds both last year and this, how are they prioritising the use of these grant funds – is more funding required to assist, or does the program need streamlining?

“I have never seen roads so poor … our roads in Davistown need urgent attention.”

McCulla will meet on site with Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Adam Crouch, in coming days to highlight the issue and seek his intervention.

“Many local people have reported this section to Council to have the potholes fixed, and have been ignored,” she said.

“Past filling of this section only results in further potholes opening up with each east coast low.

“The section of road (which cuts between two sections of wetlands) is frequently inundated following heavy rain.

“It needs road -raising and resurfacing and proper drainage.

“It is extremely difficult to negotiate this section of road without driving on the opposite side of the road, so often now there are near misses (and) many locals have sustained car tyre and rim damage.”

McCulla said while Kincumber Cres and Magnolia Ave were of the most concern, other roads needing urgent attention include Kyoga Ave, the corner of Pine Ave and Kincumber Cres and Pine Ave with Lilli Pilli, Illawong Cl and Dilgara Ave (near the Lilli Pilli intersection), Davis Ave and Emora Ave.

A spokesperson said Council is responsible for over 2,000km of road network and is committed to maintaining and improving roads across the entire region.

“Council acknowledges that there has been an increase in the number of potholes and similar defects impacting our road network which arose from the continued intense rainfalls and flooding experienced across many of suburbs in recent months,” the spokesperson said.

“Council staff are continuing to inspect the road network and associated infrastructure to identify any defects, such as potholes.

“Defects or safety concerns (which) meet Council’s current service levels are placed in Council’s maintenance management system and scheduled for repairs on a priority risk basis.

“Additional resources have been allocated and Council crews remain working additional hours to carry out repair works to ensure that the road network and associated infrastructure is fit-for-purpose and keeps our community safe.”

The spokesperson said it was likely that the backlog of pothole repairs from the recent weather events will be repaired within three months, on a priority risk basis, with continuing wet conditions impacting the normal schedule.

“Highest priority pothole repairs are those which are situated within direct wheel lanes; of significant width and depth; and occur on roads which carry higher volumes of traffic,” the spokesperson said.

“Council is progressing with investigations and identifying remediation works to allow grant funding applications to be developed and submitted to secure funding to bring our roads and associated infrastructure back to a satisfactory condition.”

Terry Collins

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  1. We do not want Council to prioritise, things will never happen. Just get on with the job for once. Why do we need overtime to prioritise. The problems are all around us.

  2. Never seen a road in such bad condition I have damaged my steering from the large pot holes in our Kincumber cr I now try not to go out unless I really need to Why can’t the council do something theyhave filled small in the past We need them done now before they caused an accident

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