Ben Hur to finally open at Woy Woy Little Theatre

Greg Buist and Rebecca Bright in Ben Hur

It’s set to be bigger than – well, bigger than BenHur! After two years of Zoom rehearsals, three date changes and other minor obstacles, Ben Hur is finally set to go on stage for a three-week season from May 27.

The Woy Woy Little Theatre production has literally been years in the making, with COVID-19 restrictions constantly forcing cancellations.

But now lockdowns have ended, the actors are ready, and audiences are in for a treat at the Peninsula theatre.

You might wonder what could possibly be funny about a stage version of a 900-page 19th-century Biblical epic novel that was the subject of one of Charlton Heston’s best-known films.

But the comic adaption by Patrick Barlow, who also wrote The 39 Steps, is a perfect light-hearted piece for theatre-starved audiences.

The play features four actors playing a plethora of characters with lightning-quick changes and seemingly infinite plot points, telling the story of a British amateur theatre group trying to bring to life the historical fictional revenge tale of Judah Ben Hur.

The Jewish prince from Jerusalem is wrongfully accused of murder, enslaved by the Romans, and ultimately redeemed by becoming a compassionate Christian.

The WWLT version, directed by Christine Vale, features Terry Matthews, Jake Cain-Roser, Rebecca Bright and Greg Buist. The four well-known actors each play a multitude of roles, crossing boundaries of gender, ethnicity, class and good taste.

Session details and bookings are available on the WWLT website.

All bookings must be made online, with full refunds available should another COVID-19 crisis occur.

Terry Collins

Jake Cain-Roser and Greg Buist in Ben Hur