Why are we closing hospitals?

Gosford Hospital

In response to “NSW Health workers at breaking point?” (PP054): on the Northern Beaches there were two level 3 community-based public hospitals.

They were both consequently run into the ground before closing one and reducing the other to a non-urgent care facility with complementary rehab services.

Then a new level 5 Northern Beaches Hospital was built.

One hospital when they could have had two or three.

We don’t close down public schools, surf clubs, football clubs and sporting facilities galore. We modernise and enhance them for the benefit of the community – along with a photo op by our local pollies.

The Peninsula can do with a level 3 hospital at Woy Woy Rehab along with ambulance station to complement and ease the pressure off Gosford Hospital, along with nurses quarters to provide affordable rental with money going towards hospital equipment.

Email, April 12
Pat Brophy, Umina