The Weekly News 5@5

The Weekly News 5@5 April 14, 2022

Welcome to Central Coast Newspapers’ Weekly News 5@5, April 14, 2022. A selection of the week’s lead stories fresh from CCN’s newsroom in Gosford:

The Weekly News 5@5 presented by David Abrahams
  • numerous roads are in dire need of repair or closed entirely.
  • Council is also calling off road side special rubbish pickups.
  • The Federal seats of Robertson and Dobbel are once again party political battlegrounds.
  • The AEC is reminding both young people and newly arrived residents to enrol to vote by Monday April 18.
  • Long awaited intention for the University of Newcastle to build another campus in Gosford.
  • The State Government’s Six Cities plans have set off furious debate online.
  • COVID infections remain high as 5461 cases were reported.
  • Mariners are holding onto finals chances.
  • Molly ended up scoring the best single wave score, yet was unable to back this up a second wave on par.
  • Footage from last night’s premiere documentary about the scuttling of the HMAS Adelaide off Avoca beach, exactly 11 years ago.

Produced by Central Coast Newspapers in Gosford. Presented by David Abrahams . Film and video production by Haakon Barry . —full video archive here—