See how your MP voted

With the federal election finally called, readers may be interested in knowing just how their local MP voted in recent issues; just visit and enter your postcode and candidate.

How good is that?

Disclaimer: I am not a member of any political party, nor am I acting on behalf of one (or indeed any activist group).

Email, April 12
Dave Horsfall, North Gosford

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  1. Dave,
    Thanks for the insight. I went to both major party candidates at your link, most insightful.

    One major party Candidate had not voted on a peoples privacy issue for over ten years! I did find that our current MP for Dobell was reported there to support voter privacy, had actually last week sent out a mass mail pack to residents containing a red cover letter that had no Party Logo on her letterhead, which I found very nafarious to say the least. The mail pack contained a fake Postal Voter Application Form requiring your signature image, amongst a lot of other personal data.

    The form was presented to infer an official AEC Postal Voter Registration form and provided a prepaid reply envelope addressed to her local Tuggarah party branch office! I can only conclude this presentation is a process to extract your personal data pre-election ballot, to enhance her party’s voter database for profiling you the voter. How deceiptful.

    I and the AEC’s Commmissioner Tom Rogers, at the AEC website, warn voters to be careful about their private data they provide to any third parties, including political parties. Voter Postal vote registration must be direct to the AEC. The Central Coast has a high cohort of seniors so this data collection can easily trick our unwary seniors, requiring our community protection

    Election Candidates committing to this self database enhancement campaign, via this mail pack, are hypocrites. Beware all voters!

    The laws around privacy in elections needs to be seriously ammended and the interjection of any third party, in any election process, must be outlawed and seriously high fines impossed upon offenders.

    Disclaimer: In am a Dobell constituant. I too am not a member of any political party, nor am I acting on behalf of one (or indeed any activist group).

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