Artwork lost as Macmasters amenities block upgraded

The featured artwork at Macmasters Beach

I would like to raise awareness of Council’s demolition of the amenities block at Macmasters Beach, which has a public art piece by local exhibiting artist John Oates.

It will be replaced with a stark contrasting urban toilet with no plans to return the aesthetic of public art.

I understand it may be difficult to preserve this artwork. Other such murals were conducted on boards that were then affixed to the buildings so they can be removed for any construction matters and replaced to maintain the sense of place and beautification that such murals bring to our beaches and surrounding areas so popular with tourists.

This has occurred at Heazlett Park at Avoca Beach and is also planned for Wamberal surf club amenities.

Both of these have/had the removable panels, but Avoca’s mural – by renowned public and community artist, Suzanne Holman – was removed and not returned to the new facility.

Public art not only crates a unique sense of place and pride in one’s local area but creates employment for local artists and is a successful strategy for reducing illegal graffiti.

Editor’s note: A Council spokesperson said while discussions with the original artist were undertaken during the consultation phase, the artwork could not be retained, being painted directly onto the brick. Council will liaise with the community to provide an opportunity for community artwork to be affixed to the new amenities building on a removable panel.

Email, Apr 5
Fiona Morrison, Avoca Beach

The featured artwork at Macmasters Beach