Umina SLSC receives grant to upgrade hazardous doors

Liesl Tesch MP with Rebecca Simonet and Wendy Cook

Umina Beach Surf Life Saving Club will receive over $25,000 to upgrade the clubhouse’s doors and windows from the 2021 Community Building Partnerships fund.

The local club was granted $25,286 to replace and upgrade glass doors and windows after members reported hazardous conditions and an inability to access the balcony.

Umina Beach SLSC Administrator, Rebecca Simonet, said there was an urgent need to replace the windows and doors.

“The well-used and tired glass doors and windows on the second floor have been quite the hazard for members and children,” Simonet said.

“We recently had a child almost lose their fingers because of how unsafe they have become. This funding will go a long way in fixing and upgrading the doors and windows to avoid any outcome like that from happening.”

Umina Beach SLSC Director of Finance, Wendy Cook, said it was also difficult for members to access the balcony.

“The club gets the full force of southerly’s and when you try to access the balcony during those winds it’s near impossible to open the doors or windows,” Cook said.

“The salt has corroded the hinges and the recent wild weather has meant the tired doors and windows have been allowing water to enter the club.

“A huge thank you of course to Liesl Tesch for encouraging our grant application and for all the contributions she has made strengthening our club and supporting our members.”

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, said she was “very happy” to support the club’s grant application.

“…I look forward to work being undertaken to replace and upgrade the glass doors and windows on the second floor of the club,” Tesch said.

“Our surf life-saving clubs are often the beating heart of coastal communities. They are full of spectacular life savers and committed volunteers working to ensure the safety of residents on the beach and in the water.”

Media release, March 11
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch