Scott Rickard to contest Dobell for The Greens in Federal Election

Scott Rickard

Central Coast Greens have announced Scott Rickard as their candidate for Dobell in the upcoming Federal election. Set to be called by May.

Rickard is a passionate trade unionist with 15 years of experience working as a union organiser in the finance, rail, and aviation industries.

He was an active member of the Berkeley Vale Rural Fire Service for five years and is currently a volunteer with the NSW State Emergency Service.

A Greens spokesperson said since the last Federal Election climate-change related “natural” disasters have hit the Central Coast hard, with the Black Summer infernos, dangerous storms, severe flooding, and coastal erosion.

“Strong action to address the climate emergency is my first priority,” Rickard said.

“I am also motivated to stand again as the Greens candidate for Dobell in the coming Federal Election to ensure that everyone has ready access to adequate dental and mental health care.

“So many people can’t afford the care they need.

“The prohibitive cost and lack of quality affordable housing is a major issue in Dobell.

“Homelessness is increasing, and even those with homes face tremendous mortgage stress, which undermines any sense of well-being.

“The Greens have a comprehensive suite of policies to reinstate housing as a fundamental human right.

“The pandemic has cost many of us dearly.

“Some have lost family members, others, work, and income.

“The uncertainty has created significant stress.

“This has only highlighted the need for us all to support each other and work together.

“The Greens’ policies are comprehensive and costed, and will produce a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive society.”


Media release, Feb 27

Central Coast Greens