Weekly News 5@5

David Abrahams presents this week's Weekly News 5@5

Central Coast Weekly Video News briefing, direct from the newsroom of Central Coast Newspapers in Gosford. This week’s lead stories:

  1. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall have slammed the Central Coast this week.
  2. Five locals have died with the virus this week.
  3. Local commuters were caught in the crossfire.
  4. All future offshore oil, gas exploration will be banned along the NSW Coast.
  5. Central Coast Council Administrator Rik Hart has ruled out a sale of council’s water and sewer assets.
  6. Sexual consent will be taught in all schools from next year.
  7. The Mariners have left Melbourne with a touch of bitterness.
  8. We leave you this week with a look at a new hi-tech development in a restaurant in Gosford where robots are being trailed.

Produced by Central Coast Newspapers in Gosford. Presented by David Abrahams . Film and video production by Haakon Barry . —full video archive here—