Keep Trumpisms in America

GridironCentral Coast Sharks Gridiron (American Football) playing their first game.

In the past there have already been some contributions in the Forum putting COVID vaccinations in doubt.

But what I read today in the Community Coast News from February 11 made me spill my coffee. 

There are two contributions full of hate speech and misinformation.

Publishing this without comment is not right.

People have a right to have their own opinion but they do not have a right to lie or to use hate speech in a public forum.

One writer did not give his famous name any honour by writing stuff like :”… stop murdering our children with unnecessary vaccines …” or ” … stop the mandates for experimental vaccines …”. and he follows it up with a hysterical rant.

This is so full of falsehoods that I don’t even know where to start to debunk it: I could, but It would require several pages.

Inger Terp follows up with attacks on  “… experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly and unnecessarily warned people inflicting a horrible scaremongering towards them …”

Inger must be a real expert to see that all so clearly.

Maybe next time a bushfire is approaching our area, we should also call out the ABC for scaremongering.

That will stop the fire!

Overall, with all problems, errors, misjudgements, inflicted pain by lockdowns and restrictions, our medical experts and our leaders have done quite well in protecting us in this difficult time.

I find it disgusting that a radical uneducated minority is now flooding the forum of our local newspaper with lies and hatred.

Let’s keep Trumpism in America.  

Email, Feb 12
Jo Muller, Woy Woy