Household chemical drop offs return

Central Coast Council’s Household Chemical CleanOuts will return for 2022 with dates set for collection points to be available at Kariong and Long Jetty.

Council is encouraging residents to clear out unwanted and out-of-date hazardous items from homes, garages and sheds to be correctly disposed of for free at the first Chemical CleanOut events to be held for 12 months as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The first free event will be at Event Park, off Kangoo Rd, Kariong, on this Saturday and Sunday, February 26 and 27, with another to be held at Long Jetty Council Depot on Saturday and Sunday, March 5 and 6.

Both events will go from 9am to 3:30pm.

Council Unit Manager Waste Services and Business Development, Andrew Pearce, said the events were an opportune time to responsibly dispose of hazardous materials at no cost.

“These events allow residents to dispose of hazardous materials safely, while also allowing for the recovery of reusable materials,” he said.

“We expect this to be of particular interest to those residents who have experienced household build-up of these items during the pandemic.

“Incorrect disposal of chemicals, such as dumping, placing in the bin or pouring down drains are not only offences that attract fines and penalties, but they can also cause serious environmental effects by contaminating our waterways and landfill sites.

“This is just one of the many resource recovery initiatives offered to residents beyond their household waste and recycling collection services, which the community can discover more about by checking the A-Z Waste Disposal and Recycling Guide at

“We would like to also remind residents to stay COVID-safe by remaining inside their vehicles and wearing a mask where required to ensure the safety of all staff and residents attending the event.”

Items that can be dropped off include pesticides, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fluorescent globes and tubes as well as any unknown or unidentified chemicals which are accepted for identification and correct disposal.

Council Administrator Rik Hart said he was impressed by the ongoing commitment from the community to responsibly dispose of problem waste.

“In previous years CleanOut events across the region have attracted consistent, record-breaking numbers,” he said.

“It is clear residents are eager to do the right thing and keep these hazardous materials out of landfills.

“We remain committed to the safety of the community and event operators onsite, so these events will be hosted in line with any COVID-19 restrictions in place.”

Up to 100L of paint can be accepted per vehicle, in containers of 20L or less.

For all other items, only household quantities of up to 20L or 20kg will be accepted.

Council urges residents to transport material safely, keep chemicals in the original container and remain in their vehicles when dropping off hazardous waste.

For the full list of chemicals that can be dropped off call 131 555 or visit the NSW Environment Protection Authority website.

For more information you can also search chemical cleanout at


Media release, Feb 21

Central Coast Council

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  1. It would be good to know when the next Council Chemical Clean-up is scheduled please.

  2. What dates and locations are scheduled for the next Council Chemical Clean Ups?

  3. Same question as the others… The Long Jetty Council depot on March 5 and 6 was cancelled due to weather conditions… When is it postponed to ???

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    Next date for chemical cleanup long jetty

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