Renee helps others explore the healing power of writing

Central Coast author Renee Simpson believes in the power of writing to heal and will conduct a workshop on January 22 to help others open up to the experience.

“I began to doubt if I was able to have a baby after experiencing two miscarriages,” Simpson said.

“I felt like something was blocking me from moving forward but I wasn’t sure what it was until I started writing my story and suddenly it all began to make sense.

“I found meaning, purpose and closure through the writing process.

“Something began to shift and my daughter Sofia came into our lives shortly after.

“I whole heartedly believe the writing healed something.

“I began to research the science behind writing to heal and there are plenty of studies that prove its healing abilities.

“I created the Write To Heal workshop to help others find their voice, rewrite their story and recreate themselves.

“It’s my passion to help others move forward with more meaning, purpose and peace after having experienced a life challenge.

“Some examples of life challenges might be physical or mental illness, an injury, an abusive relationship, miscarriage, a traumatic birth experience, addiction, death of a loved one, divorce or separation, childhood trauma and sexual assault.”

With a background in counselling and youth development, facilitating support groups and resilience programs for women and young people over the past 10 years, Simpson published her memoir I Want To Go Home – Reclaiming Power After Sexual Assault earlier this year.

It is now available on all major online bookstores and at Bookface, Erina.

“I believe everyone has a story that needs to be shared,” she said.

“For our own healing, and for others; our stories can inspire resilience in the people we love and change in the world around us.

“Our story matters; our story deserves to be heard and can make a difference.

“But it takes time to accept, silence to reflect and courage to tell our stories.”

The workshop will be held at Bamboo Buddha, Holgate, on January 22 between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

It will include: an opening circle ceremony; intention setting; grounding safe place meditation; learning about the history of storytelling, the research behind writing to heal and the five stages of writing to heal; and six writing prompts to begin rewriting your story.

The workshop costs $99 but Dine & Discover vouchers can be used towards the price.

Bookings available at:

Media release, Dec 4
Renee Simpson