Beach Clean Up at Ettalong

A beach clean will be held on Thursday morning at Ettalong

Locals are being encouraged to help an ‘end of school holiday beach clean’ at Ettalong on Thursday, January 27.

The event is being organised by local eco-friendly business #untrashy and student-led climate activist group School Strike For Climate.

Founder of #untrashy, Vanessa Heffernan, said the group hopes to restore the beaches back to their natural beauty.

“It’s a logical partnership, our youth are leading the charge in the fight against climate change and plastic pollution and at #untrashy, we are promoting alternatives to minimise our footprint on the planet,” Heffernan said.

“With the thousands of visitors we have welcomed on our beaches over the school holidays there is, unfortunately, a bit of extra trash that we will be removing.

“The typical offending items being cigarette butts, fast-food litter and discarded fishing gear.”

The group will meet at Ettalong’s Kourung St Boat Ramp at 10am.

All are welcome.

Maisy Rae