Aged care residents to have their say

Nareen Gardens redevelopmentOne of the proposed aged care buildings for the Bateau Bay site

Uniting Nareen Gardens has invited nearby residents for an update on its proposed redevelopment of seniors’ accommodation at Bateau Bay.

Adrian Ciano, head of property development at Uniting, said the company was committed to continuing the consultation process and he looked forward to seeing residents at a February 3 meeting.

The company held several sessions in January where residents voiced their concerns with the new development.

Uniting is redeveloping a site in Bias Avenue, Bateau Bay, which currently includes 114 dwellings. A development application submitted to Central Coast Council last year proposed 160 aged care rooms plus another 232 independent living rooms in six multi-storey blocks.

At the January sessions the company said it had listened to the concerns of nearby residents. These included that the buildings were too close to the eastern boundary and to the southern boundary to a certain extent.

It acknowledged issues included lack of privacy, overshadowing and visual impact on neighbours.

People were also concerned about the removal of trees and felt that more landscaped areas were needed and they worried that services such as air conditioning and solar access would impact on them.

Ciano said that there were some items that were non-negotiable but he didn’t elaborate so, at this stage, residents don’t know what those items are.

Uniting has two other sites nearby but they are not part of this redevelopment.

Uniting said it would come back to residents with its revised plans before submitting them again to Council.

In a letter sent to nearby residents recently, Uniting thanked them for their consultation sessions and said the feedback “would help Uniting further refine our plans and ensure we continue to provide high-quality services and homes to all the people within the local community”.

A Facebook page called Bateau Bay community collective (Lakin Street Nareen Gardens development) has attracted 270 members.

The development application (DA 882/2021) attracted a lot of comments in October when it was first submitted to Council.

Residents said the proposal represents a substantial redevelopment of an existing low density single story seniors housing development.

“The proposed development is over double the Floor Space Ratio of the existing Nareen Gardens and other lots in the area,” a submission to Council said.

“The height of the proposal at 14.8 metres is also much taller than other buildings in the area.

“The siting of four-storey buildings in proximity (4.5 – 6m) of the rear boundary on low-density lots along Lakin St also increases the impact of height and density of the proposal experienced by residents.”

It says vertical villages are better suited to high density locations, such as city centres and inner-city locations, not a coastal village setting such as Bateau Bay.

The proposal will cut down 90 of 216 established trees.

Residents say the new buildings contain balconies and outdoor open spaces which would have direct views into the rear yards of homes and neighbouring properties.

They say it will bring substantial traffic increases to streets such as Bias Ave, Harbour St, Lakin St and Altona St.

Late last year the residents were concerned no genuine consultation had been held.

The facebook group says that the applicant’s claim to have strong community support for the proposal is inaccurate.

“Currently there are 425 residents who have signed a petition against this development and 223 members in a local Facebook group who also object to this development,” the group said.

Details of the proposal and the February 3 meeting can be found at

Merilyn Vale

2 Comments on "Aged care residents to have their say"

  1. I am the resident of 11 Altona Ave of 30 years in this time i have seen Bateau bay grow . I have also witnessed traffic increased as well with aged care residents coming & going from Nareen Gardens by car or on foot . I have seen quiet a few near misses with elderly people having to walk onto Altona ave as there is NO footpath & the street itself is narrow especially when there are residents of Altona ave parked on the road & trucks having to reverse to get out as well . Just a thought ? Maybe look at acquiring the house on the corner that backs onto Nareen Gardens ?? Widen the road / foot path. Im sure this would be good for you & us locals .

  2. 1. Age care development should only be two storey. FOR ACCESS OF EMERGENY SERVICES, FIRES, AMBUBLANCE PERSONAL.
    2. Most elderly people have mobility problems.
    3.In the development property, off street parking should be included.
    4. Provision to maintain fauna and flora to some extent.
    5. Keeping the area, as low high rise, is appealing.
    6. consider a ramp for easy access to 2nd level.
    7. a community bus for the facilitate to take residence to appointments and shopping, would help reduce park issues.
    8 Street appeal to all who live in the facilitate and surrounding residence, who pay large rates to live in this area MUST BE CONSIDERED.

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