Shed lads say thanks

Forum –

The lads at our Shed have requested that we write on their behalf to thank the Pelican Post team for the coverage that was provided in issue 036, Nov 18 regarding the Garage/Shed sale we promoted and held on November 27.

Whilst the weather in the lead up and on the day was very turbulent, the day went off well with lots of equipment and tools finding new and happy owners, with the funds being returned to the Shed to help with operating and consumable expenses.

Whilst the sheer numbers of the public attending the sale was naturally down due to the weather the end result was good.

Given that the sale was held on Saturday 27 and today’s December 6, we apologise for this late “thank -You”, but in reality, it’s the first real opportunity we have actually had, so again our sincere thanks for the interest and coverage in your lovely newspaper.

Email, Dec 6
Vic Brown, Umina Beach Men’s Shed Inc