School rules align with community settings

Gorokan High School

All schools in NSW have moved to Level Three settings for dealing with COVID-19 in line with updated guidelines for community settings.

New changes to guidelines include all students being expected to attend school unless they are unwell.

Students must also not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms, and if students feel unwell, they are required to get tested for COVID-19 and follow NSW Health directions.

If students do display any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be sent home and must not return to school unless they have either isolated for 10 days if no medical certificate is available, or return a negative COVID-19 test result which they must supply to the school and they must return when symptom free.

In circumstances where a student has other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from their GP is sufficient to negate the requirements for a negative test.

Self-isolation periods and testing requirements differ for close contacts based on their exposure and vaccination status.

A combination of layered safety measures, vaccination, wearing masks, student cohorting, physical distancing, ventilation, hygiene and cleaning allows student and staff wellbeing and keeping schools operational.

To provide a safe learning environment for students and staff, schools will be implementing a cohort model to reduce interaction between students in different groups.

They will physical interaction between students in different groups and minimise physical interaction between students on school grounds.

All staff on school sites must be fully vaccinated.

All parents and carers, volunteers and providers who are permitted onto school sites must be fully vaccinated.

Masks are required indoors for all staff, visitors and student in Year Seven or above, and strongly recommended indoors for primary students.

Teaching or learning in indoor spaces will be well ventilated and as large as possible for the number of participants.

Outdoor settings for activities and events should be prioritised wherever practical as these represent a lower risk than outdoor settings.

Schools will continue enhanced cleaning for high-touch areas and other hard surfaces, door handles, light switches and handrails in stairways and movement areas.

Assemblies and presentations will be allowed outdoors on site, and cohorts will be separated with physical distancing in place, where practicable.

Bands, ensembles, music classes and music tuition will be allowed within cohorts and only for instruments that do not rely on breath, as these pose a higher transmission risk.

School performances, productions and concerts are also not permitted.

Harry Mulholland