Preschool teachers gain national recognition for excellence

The teachers of Toukley Preschool

The teachers at Toukley Preschool have been recognised as some of Australia’s most outstanding educators at Futurity Investment Group’s National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA).

The teachers’ passion for what they do and determination to always go the extra mile has not gone unnoticed.

Each teacher plans lessons in depth to ensure students’ interests are reflected in the learning activities.

Culturally, the teachers are leading the way with Indigenous perspectives and diverse cultures consistently incorporated into lessons.

Director of Toukley Preschool, Dianne Rayner, said: “The team is elated to receive NEiTA’s inaugural Seed Teams Award.

“We feel both honoured and proud to be able to share this award among all members of the Toukley Preschool Team and the families who entrust us with the care and early education of their children.

“We feel privileged to be able to watch children grow and develop, while on their own individual learning journey,” Rayner said.

NEiTA Chairman, Allen Blewitt, said educators like those individuals who make up the Toukley Preschool team display outstanding resilience, passion and creativity every day.

“These qualities have become all the more important during the pandemic.

“Teachers have been at the frontline, adapting to the pressures of lockdown and virtual teaching, while caring for student wellbeing.

“Reviewing the team’s nomination, it was clear their passion for education is infectious.

“It is not only their students who benefit, but their families as well.

“The NEiTA Awards were established to recognise inspirational teachers in the community.

“We understand the potential of education to change lives, but it is our teachers who effect that change,” Blewitt said.

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards started in 1994 in Australia, and 1996 in New Zealand.

Since their inception, nearly 40,000 teachers have been nominated by the community in the two countries.

More than 1,075 teachers have received over $1.2M in professional development grants and prizes.

Media release, Dec 7
The National Excellence in Teaching Awards Foundation