Playgrounds and walkways deserve praise

The Kincumber-Davistown cycling track

Forum –

Recently there has been a lot of criticism in Forum letters of local Council work – or lack thereof.

I agree with much that has been written but I think it only fair to hand out praise for recent Council works that have been ongoing for some time and that mean a lot to two particular groups in our society – our mothers and their children.

Consider the numerous children’s playgrounds appearing across the Coast – the variety of activities from skate boarding to the swings and roundabouts to activities I can’t even name.

The variation of materials used from site to site; the number of kids now involved – the opportunity for meeting, networking, just playing.

Our modern society is in the main housed in separate dwellings and with diminishing family size – many these days with one child families.

This is an answer that is creative, beautiful and interactive.

Not sure where they are?

Google “Playing in Puddles Central Coast “ to bring up pictures and information on eight new parks from Gwandalan to Umina.

The second project is also used a lot by mothers and babies.

Across the Coast the creation and continuing expansion of walkways suitable for pram pushing goes on apace.

These always have a flat smooth surface and usually with trees/grass/water/wetland on both sides.

Check out the one that links Davistown to Kincumber; from Terrigal beach to the Haven; the Long Jetty and Entrance walks; Ettalong; the list goes on and on.

Of course this form of construction and choice of position combines to be particularly attractive to old timers, like me, who increasingly view steps and hills as not merely fatiguing but potentially suicidal.

To newcomers to our beautiful Central Coast, may I suggest that they Google “10 Central Coast stroller walks” – each is presented with map, picture and description.

Email, Dec 8
Ed Raftery, Davistown