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The Central Coast prior and past the amalgamation had community representation on the Council via councillors who stood for the communities that voted them in.

To read that the Administrator Mr Rik Hart is pushing this referendum upon the Central Coast Community which will effectively reduce community representation on Council by 40 per cent if the referendum question is successful and reduce Councillor numbers to nine, would be a step backwoods for democracy.

When Pittwater Council was formed there was never a mention of reducing the councillor numbers to nine from 15 and from memory Mr Hart was involved with
that amalgamation.

Our LGA is one of the largest in the state so the idea of reducing community representation by 40 per cent is the wrong decision in my opinion.

Coast residents have enough trouble trying to contact Councillors with the 15 we had so how bad will it be with only nine councillors if this referendum is successful.

Communities at the ends of the LGA struggle with services and representation when there were 15 councillors, how bad will it get with only nine?

If the referendum is successful and Councillor numbers are reduced then that will equate to less democracy for the entire Central Coast community as with less Councillors and wards the major political parties will dominate what are meant to be in principle community representatives seats, do we want to have a political party controlled Council?

If the numbers are reduced by this referendum the independents, small interest groups or minor parties will be the losers.

So, when this referendum is conducted in late 2022 I urge everyone who wants democracy within your council to stay you must say no to the proposed 40 per cent reduction in community representation.

Email, Carl Veugen, Umina Beach

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  1. Godfrey Franz | January 1, 2022 at 8:11 am |

    Maitland has just held a very successful council election, smaller population, 4 wards, 3 councillors in each and a popularly elected mayor – 2021 Party Result: Labor 4, Liberal 4, Independent 5 including the Mayor.

    Mayoral contest: Independent Philip Penfold was elected after preferences with 22,127 votes (51.3%) to Labor’s Loretta Baker 20,976 (48.7%). There were 11,078 exhausted preferences representing 20.4% of all votes or 60% of votes distributed.

    They will have a successful path ahead of them. There were some smutty cheap shots during the campaign that I guess will soon be forgotten!

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