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Coworking at Copacabana Surf Club

[Video story included] I’m down at the beach looking out over the vibrant blue water. I am working Copacabana Surf Club, believe it I am.

The sun is out in full force, lighting up the scene of the summer months. Surfers chicane across the breaking waves, their wakes leaving a foamy trail for the eye to follow.

This restful scene is the perfect thing as I’ve just glanced up from my laptop, to pause and reflect on my writing.

Normally, writing at the beach isn’t practical, but I’m sheltered, with aircon, a buzzing energy around me and a hot latte nearby. 

You’re probably thinking, where is she, to be so close to the beach and yet nuzzled into her projects for the day online…

A local worker using the standup desk option at Koworks at Copa

Well, I’m in an exciting new space and concept and it’s called Koworks. Copa Surf club has been completely fitted out for co-working.

Picture this, attractive modular furniture setup in cluster desks, with just enough privacy so you can get to work, but also open enough for you to meet your neighbour, your fellow business creative and local entrepreneur.

There’s a surfboard rack in the corner if you’ve come fresh from a surf, some water bottles for you to grab on entry, a lounging area and even a silent phone booth, for you to take that important business call.

Koworks was brought to life by Adam Hyman and Chris Strode, two local entrepreneurs who quite frankly were fed up with working at home alone.

I’ve sat down for a chat with Adam and we begin to explore the history of coworking and the benefits it brings.

With over a 340,000 people living on the Central Coast, they thought it would be a great initiative to setup spaces where people could clamber out of their houses, away from all that family stuff, and work side by side with others The last two years have been strange for us all, to say the least.

COVID-19 has seen many people retreat to their homes to continue working.

Laptops out, coffee in hand with slouch-tracky-pants still on bottoms; Millions of people took zoom calls, business meetings and whatever else necessary to adjust to this new business climate.

It was all well and good for a while, most people revelled in ditching their commutes and the bustle of city life, but as expected, separating home and office life became more and more of a challenge.

There’s something about working around others, even if not on the same project, that puts a sense of productivity in the air which is contagious!

I booked into Koworks with their phone app.

Locals can book a coworker space using Koworks’ app

This is their way for you to book a desk and wow, isn’t it user friendly, and at 25 bucks a day, they are beating prices of any other coworking spaces and still giving 50 percent profits to the Surf cub.

Did you know many of our Surf clubs are struggling financially? Could this be a way to revive our beloved beach front hubs by providing a generation of laptop vagabonds with friendly spaces to work and connect?

I’m sure intrigued. It’s a fantastic initiative and you are welcome to be a part of the journey as Koworks expands. 

Ellen Rubbo

Article author Ellen Rubbo working at Koworks’ cool coworkers space