Dinosaurs return

The dinosaurs are back at The Australian Reptile Park – and this year the popular Jurassic Zoo school holiday promotion will be bigger and better than ever.

A Tyrannosaurs Rex, Indoraptor and a Pachycephalosaurus are on the loose throughout the park, taking daily walks and interacting with visitors.

Jurassic Zoo also ioncloudes the famous Dino Dance Party, a treat for the little ones , and the Dino Dig, giving budding paleontologists the chance to unearth ancient fossils.

Zookeepers will also be roving the park with all sorts of reptiles to meet up close.

There will be a daily show featuring the park’s resident crocodiles – the closest living relative and ancient cousins of the dinosaurs.

Elvis the five-metre saltwater crocodile thought to be the crankiest croc in Australia will be fed daily during a show in which he demonstrates the strength of his snapping jaws, capable of crushing the skull of prey as large as a water buffalo.

Deadly and dangerous Jurassic Zoo events will extend into the park’s lagoon, home to 50 American alligators.

At their daily feeding, food is dangled over a walking plank, with the giant reptiles launching high out of the water to snap for food.

Visitors will also have opportunity to feed the alligators themselves.

Guests can book either a Behind-The-Scenes tour or one of the popular and interactive Kids 2 Keepers programs.

Media release, Dec 9
Australian Reptile Park