Coal demise ‘greatly exaggerated’

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Colin Paulson not only exaggerates but also ignores the facts. (“Buckley’s chance of protecting coal”, Chronicle Forum, Nov 17)

The Government has simply signalled that it will not interfere in the way the domestic energy market operates.

The international market for coal will take its natural course and will eventually be overtaken by alternative energy sources.

Such is the lifecycle of all technologies.

Similarly, while BHP has sold its international thermal coal mines it has, in fact, not sold all such mines as it continues to own the Mount Arthur Coal Mine in the Hunter Valley.

Indeed, BHP is working on an application to continue operating Mount Arthur beyond its current licence period, which ends on June 30, 2026, out to June 30, 2045.

BHP clearly understands the market and feels that reports of the demise of coal are, for the moment at least, greatly exaggerated.

Email, Nov 20
Patrick Gallagher, Woongarrah