Business is booming for Shano

International Day of People with Disability was held on December 3 to celebrate the success of all people living with disability, and to recognise the life-changing achievements made every day.

With so many extraordinary stories worth celebrating, Job Centre Australia has highlighted Hamlyn Terrace’s Shane ‘Shano’ Lidell as a success story.

Lidell, who is living with a brain injury and intellectual delay, and also had very limited verbal communication skills, has gained skills that have enabled him to start his own successful business.

With the ongoing support of his dad, Colin, and the inclusive recruitment specialists, Job Centre Australia, Lidell has built on his skills and ventured out of his comfort zone through various work placements in the automotive industry.

While Lidell loved the industry, he couldn’t find a role that was quite the right fit, so he took matters into his own hands and created the ultimate opportunity for himself.

Now Lidell is the proud owner and founder of Shano’s Mobile Carwash, and business is booming.

Lidell said Job Centre Australia helped him with things like writing a resume and, once he got his skills and confidence up, he started his business earlier this year.

“I currently have 25 regular clients, and I have found that most customers who book with me once tend to rebook with regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly bookings.

“I enjoys that I can choose my own work hours, and it is very important to me to have high job satisfaction.

“I love what I do, it makes every day working enjoyable.

“I take a lot of pride in the work I do, and with each job I’ll take before and after photographs to show myself and my clients the great results,” Lidell said.

Job Centre Australia CEO, Deborrah Lambourne, said in 30 years, Job Centre Australia had placed over 25,000 candidates into employment, and supported youth in developing skills for independent living, and she’s constantly amazed by their achievements.

“It’s just incredible seeing individuals with disability taking control of their situation, and with support, going on to gain independence and achieve their personal goals.

“We couldn’t be prouder of all our candidates and participants who are breaking through their perceived barriers and making huge accomplishments every day.

“International Day of People with Disability is so important because it highlights the true value people living with disability bring to their communities and workplaces and the ongoing achievements they make.

“For us at Job Centre Australia, this is also an opportunity to celebrate the employers we work with who understand and see the value of employing people with a disability.

“We recognise our dedicated staff who change the lives of those living with disability every day, enabling opportunities so they can go on to achieve their aspirations.

“Join us in celebrating the leadership and participation of all people living with disability, who make their mark every day as we work towards a more inclusive, accessible and sustainable world.”

Harry Mulholland