A call to get the level crossing replacement done

A car was clipped by a train at the level crossing on Rawson Rd, Woy Woy on the morning of Tuesday, November 24 Photo: Always Askew

Forum –

I am saddened and upset to read of the shocking accident at the deadly Rawson Rd level crossing in Woy Woy, as reported in Pelican Post on November 25, 2021.

I thank you for bringing us up to date with the appalling state of affairs with this death trap.

It is dangerous for those of us who walk and drive over this level crossing on a frequent basis, for car passengers and pedestrians at the intersection of Rawson Rd and Railway St, and also for visitors to the area, and of course for the train drivers and guards and passengers on the trains that go through this level crossing.

It is 10 years now since the NSW Government made its commitment, in 2011, to replace the level crossing, and five years since the same Government reneged on its commitment to replace the Rawson Rd level crossing with a pedestrian underpass, an overpass at the base of Bull’s Hill and a widened underpass at Shoalhaven Dr.

I call on our State Member of Parliament, Liesl Tesch, to work with the State Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Rob Stokes, along with Central Coast Council to see this essential project completed.

The pedestrian underpass has been completed.

This was achieved after years of consultation and planning.

Now, please finish the job and complete the next two stages of the project on which so much money, millions of dollars, has been spent: to complete the overpass at the base of Bull’s Hill, and to widen the current underpass on Shoalhaven Dr.

That is the easiest and safest solution, instead of wasting more years and more dollars on consultation, planning, assessments etc.

All we need is funding for the project to be completed.

Email, Nov 25
Stephanie Short, Woy Woy