Tilting freedom

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Free, fresh and friendly; this is how I’ve always looked at Australia and I have lived here for more than 40 great years.

Australia is still fresh with the amazing diverse nature and it’s still friendly ….but the free is tilting.

And what a shame that is.

The manipulation and blackmailing going on for the time being and for the last less than two years is worrying.

Some countries call it COVID-fascism.

And that’s exactly what it is.

Folks … think about it!

Here’s a story which has just happened to a friend of mine.

She had her first jab and after 24 hours spent four days in hospital with liquid around heart.

She asks the doctor to make a certificate re no more jabs and the doctor says ‘no can do until you’ve tried every type of vaccine.

She says ‘no need for a certificate then as I would be dead’.

My friend is allowed to work at home but not to see clients and is told not to tell anybody.

Folks, let’s get Australia on the right free track again.

I can’t wait for the whistle blower!

P.S. Richard Pryke in Forum (CCN318) … I totally agree with you.

Email, Nov 15
Inger Terp, North Avoca