Still waiting for access

Deepwater plaza in Woy Woy

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In October 2020, CCN printed a media release from the Representatives of both Deepwater Plaza’s manager Dexus and owners of The Pavilion which stated that agreements were being finalised to improve accessibility between the Deepwater Plaza car park and The Pavilion.

The final statement in the media release was “The required works should commence shortly.”

Another year has slipped by and there is still no access for wheelchair and mobility devices from the Deepwater Plaza car park to The Pavilion.

A total of 16 years and improved accessibility has still not been resolved.

How many more years is it going to be before everyone can easily access The Pavilion?

All that is needed is to put in a sloping path to replace the gutter just like was done at the access point to Victoria Road from the Deepwater Plaza car park.

This took next to no time to build and was completed months ago.

Email, Nov 8
Jane Dove, Woy Woy