State Government needs to own and fix mess

Central Coast Council’s Gosford Chambers

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I suspect like many ratepayers to the Central Coast Council, I found your rather comprehensive article covering the State Government’s response to the organisational and financial crisis the Administration finds itself in (CCN319) to be somewhat dismissive.

It’s a while since I came across such ducking and weaving by those responsible for providing us with an effective, responsible and efficient local administration.

The State Government authority that is meant to be ensuring governance on the part of local government instrumentalities has, quite simply, not done its job.

In my opinion it is as guilty of mal-administration as the Council.

It seems to me it has been all too hard for the Minister and her Department to address and they don’t want to accept responsibility either for the debacle that has occurred or for the future administration.

To illustrate my point: I recently wrote to my local member Adam Crouch regarding the recent 35-45 per cent rate increases in the area and asked him to raise my concerns with the Minister.

In fairness to Adam, he did this promptly, although that’s where it seems to have ended for him.

As for the Minister’s response, well this fell into the ‘Clayton’s’ category.

She seemed not remotely interested in dealing with the issue.

It’s obvious the State Government’s amalgamation of local government entities has failed.

It has failed on ‘first principles’; the principles anyone with business experience involving mergers and acquisitions would know and apply.

But, when you are in the world of politicians and public servants I suppose you shouldn’t expect such expert knowledge, planning and execution.

But, having made the mess, the State Government now needs to find a way to fix it; it cannot be let continue as it is, either with the Central Coast Council or in other councils around the state that also have problems with performance and accountability.

As for Central Coast Council inquiry; another ‘Clayton’s’ I suspect.

By the way when is the next state election?

Email, Nov 20
John George, Terrigal

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  1. Yes John the state government has been very good at avoiding responsibility for the CCC debacle. For decades they stood by and watched Gosford council lurch from one financial disaster to the next, then the complete mess of amalgamation, and now this, The ONLY solution is for the State government to own this as they rightly should. Clear the debt accumulated under their watch, including the dodgy loans taken out by the State government appointed administrators – without ratepayer approval. We need a clean sheet of paper and then community consultation on a plan to move forward – without party-political councillors.

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