Nothing beats pub garlic bread

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I visited the brand-new Hotel Gosford outfit this week and was pleasantly surprised at the renovation.

It’s quite lovely … it reminds me of the speakeasies my Aunty Vera used to reminisce about.

The service was delightful, the drinks flowing and the atmosphere vibrant.

However … my family and I were disappointed at the food options presented on the new menu in Earls Kitchen.

We found it to be more reminiscent of a high-end restaurant rather than a good old pub meal, the same expensive prices, however without the execution.

The flavours were bland and disappointing.

We all said we would much rather prefer the menu of old – garlic bread, chips and fish tacos.

It would be marvellous if the pub at least offered the old snack menu in The Saloon.

All in all, it was lovely to see the new upgrade, but we all said we will not return for food whilst the current menu remains.

Power to the people … bring back the garlic bread!

Email, Nov 11
Patrick Hiscock, Gosford

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