Not-for-profit introduces vaccine policy

Not-for-profit organisation Social Futures, with offices in Gosford and Wyong, has introduced a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for all staff in NSW.

Social Futures delivers more than 20 community support programs across two states.

CEO, Tony Davies, said as a leading regional community service organisation, Social Futures needed to act to protect the health and wellbeing of employees and program participants.

“Throughout the pandemic we have served individuals and communities facing challenges, and Social Futures will keep doing that,” Davies said.

“As COVID-19 cases were recorded around NSW and Queensland, we continued to seek housing for people who found themselves homeless, support youth and families, people facing mental health and financial difficulties, and help other individuals find new employment opportunities.

“Based on the level of risk associated with our services (frontline delivery of programs and outreach to those in need) and the vulnerability of our customers and staff, Social Futures has developed a vaccination policy to minimise risk.

“Along with requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all staff, we will continue to apply other risk mitigation strategies, such as the use of QR codes for people entering our buildings and mask wearing when social distancing is not possible.”

Davies said it was vital that all Social Futures staff, volunteers, contractors and students were protected from the virus, as many were in the field with community members.

“They are face-to-face with vulnerable people, many of whom could become very unwell if they contracted COVID-19,” he said.

“Regional not-for-profit organisations like Social Futures have a duty to ensure that our workplaces are as safe as possible and act as an example to other regional employers.

“We’re safeguarding the health of staff, participants and the broader community.

“Vaccines save lives.”

Media release, Nov 25
Social Futures