NBN to upgrade six Central Coast suburbs to full fibre

Some suburbs on the Central Coast are set to have an upgrade to fibre to the premise.

The NBN Co has announced that six Central Coast suburbs will be upgraded from fibre to the node (FTTN) connections to full fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections.

The six Central Coast suburbs to be upgraded include;

  • Buff Point
  • Forresters Beach
  • San Remo
  • Wamberal
  • Wyoming
  • Wyong.

The six suburbs are part of a group of 72 nationwide to be named for an upgrade in this round.

Interested residents in these areas can register their interest for an upgrade from March 2022. The upgrades will not be automatic for all premises – customers will need to express interest via the NBN Co website.

Senator for New South Wales Jim Molan said towns and communities across the region would benefit from being able to access ultrafast broadband.

“This will create jobs in the community, ensure local businesses can access the speeds they need to thrive, and improve connectivity for families in the entire region,” Senator Molan said.

The announcement by the NBN Co seems to acknowledge the failure of the controversial downgrade of the Central Coast’s NBN rollout in 2013 when the incoming Abbott government scraped the Central Coast’s fibre to the premise rollout.

Complaints about the NBN service have been ongoing across the region for years keeping the Telecommunications Ombudsman, Internet Service Providers and local Members of Parliament busy.

CCN has published dozens of articles about the troubled local rollout over the last decade.

No doubt the upgrade announcement will be warmly welcomed by residents in those fortunate suburbs, though others like residents in Terrigal’s Stratford Park Estate are less impressed. CCN reported in October of serious and ongoing issues with the NBN Fibre to the Node infrastructure in the Terrigal area.

The troubled Terrigal area was not on the current upgrade list, something that has disappointed locals who have been lobbying for an upgrade. 

A technician checking a traditional copper based telecommunications pit.

Terrigal resident Neil Keele said “The largest part of Terrigal is not included in any upgrades now or in the future, at this point in time, and not before 2024.”

NBN Co’s Chief Operating Officer Katherine Dyer said “Over the last 12 months we have so far identified the suburbs and towns where 1.6 million premises will benefit from fibre pushed deeper into communities so that more customers can access NBN Home Fast, Home Superfast or Home Ultrafast services, on demand”

NBN Co expects to enable internet retailers to begin taking orders for higher speed connections from the first eligible customers from as early as March 2022.

Interested customers are invited to register for updates on the nbn website.

David Abrahams

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  1. Cost 22000 dollars i already checked with nbn co.

    It’s not a free upgrade unless its in liberal held area for business owners only.

    Australian residents got shafted three times by this liberal government on nbn fttn broadband rollout which is complete crap and total useless piece of shite, that tax payers should never have to pay for a service that’s never been delivered under Abbott, Turnbull, and now Morrison mob.

    If people vote this hopeless no good Australia worst managing government back in they deserve to to get worst.

    Australia needs totally new government might be time to give the Green party a vote cause liberal have wreck Australia and labor under Albanese is just another Abbot/Hockey liberal/ national dead beat.

  2. Saul Nicholas | November 10, 2021 at 7:49 pm |

    These aren’t the only central coast suburbs, as implied by this article. Other suburbs were named in a prior announcement

  3. Fancy the greens saying about being incompetent they are the definition of incompetent they are responsible for the bush fires ie no burn off

  4. It’s about time we had to fight just to get It on for two years with a lot of stress and heart ache and when we got It connected our speed Is so slow and It Is frustrating so great to hear we are getting It up dated In Forresters beach retirement village In 20/22 good on you Jim Moulin

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