Lip service leads to less trust

Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks

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In the October 28 forum, Bruce Hyland clearly outlined the details of how we are being tricked by full-page political advertising from Lucy Wicks and the Morrison Government into believing that the 2019 pre-election pork-barrelling promise of additional car-park spaces at Woy Woy (and Gosford) station is a reality.

What seems to be a reality is that Lucy Wicks does not represent her constituents in Robertson – she meekly follows the Party line.

Why wouldn’t we be sceptical when despite both Wicks and Scott Morrison having said that they will not allow Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP11) to be extended under their watch, we read that on October 21 in the House of Representatives, Ms Wicks spoke against the motion and voted with the Government to stop a Bill being debated that would permanently kill off the offshore drilling permit.

This is the same level of lip-service and hypocrisy we find when Wicks assures us “We are committed to a strong and resilient ABC” (email 3/2/2021) before excluding the ABC from any share of the extra $58.6M the government handed the media sector in the May 2021 Budget.

No wonder trust in politicians is at an all-time low.

Email, Oct 31
Gillian Telford, Booker Bay

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