Drone artistry on display

The Central Coast Drone Flyers, an avid group of drone photographers, are launching an exhibition at The Entrance Gallery to showcase their aerial photographs.

The exhibition will be held at The Entrance Gallery on Saturday and Sunday, December 4 and 5 from 9:30am to 4pm and will feature photos of the Central Coast and surrounding areas, captured by 10 drone pilots.

Exhibition Organiser, Steve Fuller, said he was excited to showcase the group’s work, capturing the beauty of the Coast.

Dolphins playing off the Central Coast. An image that’s part of the new exhibition.

“It took the group on average two years to get all these photos together.

“Some are quite recent, and others were taken a few years ago.

“With the exhibition we really want to educate the public that there are big misconceptions about drone pilots that are just not true.

“We are simply photographers with cameras that can fly,” Fuller said.

At the exhibition, there will be an introduction to drone flying session that will teach attendees how a drone works plus all the safety knowledge and laws surrounding their use.

“Our group, Central Coast Drone Flyers, we have over 400 pilots in our Facebook group and we’re always looking for more.

“Our members are really passionate about what we do and we’re very safety oriented.

“Every weekend, we go out at sunrise to take photos with our drones, and we also pass on our knowledge to newer pilots.

“I got into drones when they first became more relevant around six years ago as I was sick of being beaten up playing judo.

“We’re really passionate about our hobby and we also hire out our services for promotional purposes like real estate agents to photograph properties or taking photos of different events, so it’s not only a fantastic hobby we all really love, but also a chance to make a bit of money,” Fuller said.

Following the drone exhibition, The Entrance Gallery will host indigenous artists, Garry Purchase and Kylie Cassidy, who will be holding their newest exhibition, Voices of the Land from December 10.

Harry Mulholland