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In PP033, Maisy Rae wrote an article headed “Woy Woy car park still ‘to be decided’” – this started well as Maisy interviewed Lucy Wicks and got told some of the true facts.

She missed the key issue that originally our council was tasked with identifying sites, getting control then presenting these to the Feds to get the financial support.

While Maisy mentioned that Transport for NSW was now the delivery agency she did not say why.

Well, our Council was so bad at the task it was allocated that Transport for NSW had to take over the project.

I guess Maisy knew this but did not want to report on some of her mates.

After this the article deteriorated into a farce when Maisy interviewed the New Liberals candidate, Vania Holt who lives in Maitland and probably has not been to Woy Woy for a long while.

Holt gave some brave opinions on parking in Woy Woy which showed she had not been to Woy Woy for some time.

Vania from Maitland then asks, “Surely a well thought out plan for the Peninsula….”; yes Vania when you get down from Maitland and spend a bit of time here, catch up with Scott Cox, CCC Director of Environment and Planning and his “Strategic Planning” unit head, Andrew Roach – ask them how our Council’s Strategic Plan is getting on.

Email, Oct 28, 2021 Godfrey Franz, Gosford – Mr Franz is a Liberal party member

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  1. Hi Godfrey
    I don’t live in Maitland – I have an office there and and office in Erina. I understand you’re heavily involved with the Liberal Party still. I’d love to chat with you about this and any other issue you have. Is that Strategic Plan working? I think there is much room for improvement.

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