Asking vaxed questions

Photo by Lisa Ferdinando - CC licence

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Following 18 months of our new normal you’d think the message would have gotten out to all and sundry.

No, it appears.

You can’t imagine how disappointed and shocked I felt to find out that at least one of the cafes in Wyong carrying on – unvaccinated.

I asked the proprietor directly and he replied that neither he nor the staff were vaccinated – no hiding the fact.

While my family and I have been dutifully checking into this café with the QR code and showing our vaccination record when asked, they’ve been quietly going about their business thumbing their noses at us all, it appears.

Do unto others as they do unto you only goes so far, it seems.

Maybe from now on, as we’re asked for our details, we all should reciprocate and enquire the same of the staff.

Email, Nov 12
Tony Redmond, Wyong