Women rewarded for creativity packs

CWA Woy Woy has also been presented with a Collaboration Award for their recent contribution to Coast Shelter’s creativity packs, as reported in PP030.

Association President, Jane Bowtell, thanked Rotary Club of Gosford City President, Paul Jones, for the award.

“We were approached by Rotary to sew 70 bags which will be used to distribute creative supplies in therapy programs for those on their way to recovery,” Bowtell said.

“Gosford Rotary … will use the packs to bring Coast Shelter clients together over creative projects and create a safe space to feel comfortable exploring whatever issues they may face.

“Great things happen when organisation’s work together.

“We love being able to help our fellow community volunteers and thank the wonderful people of Rotary for everything they do for their community both locally and worldwide.”

Primary article source: Media statement,  CWA Woy Woy