Still no detail on future of Pelican Park

Protest at the Pelican Park in June

Woy Woy residents have been given a Pelican Park update but it didn’t give timeframes about a promised consultation or anything concrete about the future of the playground located at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Central Coast Council said the community would hear from it when its consultation process was ready.

Council gave no date for this “upcoming engagement” but said it was “listening to the community” although it didn’t explain how.

“Council is listening to the community and acknowledges the community’s concerns and questions around the play space and other projects as part of Woy Woy’s masterplan, which will be addressed as part of upcoming engagement to consult with the broader community,” Council said.

“Until then, the play space continues to be open for use.

“More information on upcoming projects as well as timing for the Pelican Park consultation will be announced by Council when ready, and all opportunities for community participation in engagement activities will be promoted.

“Learn about Council’s strategic direction for the development and sustainable management of play spaces across the coast, search ‘play space’ at,” the Council said.

Pelican Park was saved from demolition earlier this year and its future is still up in the air.

Residents rallied when it got a whisper of the demolition only days before the contractors working on the nearby wharf upgrade were due to remove the playground.

As part of the wharf upgrade a new playground was built adjacent to the wharf.

The information about Pelican Park was part of a press release about the play spaces Council intended to complete this year which included one at Turo Close Reserve, Pretty Beach.

Merilyn Vale