Private hospital uses surgical cloning in cancer treatment

A photo of the ground-breaking surgery

Gosford Private Hospital has been powering on with its innovative measures during lockdown, with the completion of new, ground-breaking neurosurgery that is transforming patient lives through Vertical Surgical Cloning.

Experienced neurosurgeon, Dr Marc Coughlan, recently completed surgery for a Central Coast patient, removing a cancerous spinal tumour by replacing the affected area with a 3D replica of the patient’s own vertebrae through a vertebrectomy.

Coughlan said it was a bold, new frontier for the hospital and for neurosurgery.

“This kind of surgery is exciting because it is often for patients who are in a great deal of pain or are at risk due to cancer so it provides the opportunity to dramatically transform their lives,” he said.

“Rather than using off the shelf, generic implants, new 3D Vertical Surgical Cloning technology means that the model fits the patient’s anatomy seamlessly and allows for virtual surgical planning, providing better stability and load sharing and consequently reduce stress hot-spots.

“This type of technology also means that these surgeries are significantly more time efficient and can help a wide range of patients experiencing invasive tumours or issues that mean an off the shelf implant would not work for them.”

Hospital CEO and Healthe Care Australia Regional Manager, Matt Kelly, said he was proud that the hospital was able to play host to such innovative surgical milestones.

“It is incredibly important that even during challenging times such as the times we find ourselves in that we continue to innovate, push barriers and embrace technological advancements where possible,” Kelly said.

“This cutting-edge surgery and technology has the capacity to improve the lives of many in our Central Coast community and it’s our responsibility as a premier health facility to continue delivering high quality care to the region.

Central Coast resident, 69 year-old Dianne Tandy, said she didn’t think twice about signing up for the surgical procedure.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer which has since metastasised to my spine and prior to the surgery with Dr Coughlan, I was in daily, endless agony due to a tumour in my spine,” Tandy said.

“It was no question for me, if it could improve my day-to-day life I was happy to give it a shot and it was amazing to note the difference post-surgery in terms of pain and discomfort.

“If I can help someone else who may benefit from following this treatment and surgical pathway then it is worth it 100 per cent.”

Tandy will be undergoing further neurosurgery in October for another tumour located within her brain under Dr Coughlan.

Media release, Oct 6
Gosford Private Hospital

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