Most magnificent discovery

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Last year I finally followed my heart, realised my dream and moved to the beautiful Central Coast.

I had a blast discovering bushwalks and beaches, places to get great food and coffee, yoga classes and so much more.

But my most magnificent discovery was the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus – just down the road from where I live.

As soon as I attended my first event – a Drag King concert – I knew that I had found my tribe.

A truly inclusive community that welcomes and celebrates diversity, inclusion and creative expression in all its forms.

I was so impressed and inspired that I decided to volunteer at their next event.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be a Door Biach at the Noodle’s International Women’s Day celebration.

I left the evening feeling energised and heart warmed by the great conversations I engaged in with patrons and performers alike.

Hell, I even wore my unicorn wig out in public for the first time and felt right at home!

(I was ejected from a different local venue later that evening as unicorn wigs violate their Dress Code!)

As well as having the friendliest and most inclusive vibe I have ever encountered on the Coast, the Haus is by far the brightest star on the Central Coast Arts and Culture stage.

It is a powerhaus of creative innovation and excellence which rivals anywhere in the world – as evidenced by its recent nomination for the NSW “Excellence in Innovation” business award.

The Haus embodies and models a community where all voices are valued and heard, and creative dreams are nurtured and brought to life.

A place where every light is free to shine its own unique colour in the Glitta-ring kaleidoscope of fun, joy and celebration.

It’s what I’ve missed most during lockdown and what I am most excited about reopening.

I’ll be there at the first event – in my unicorn wig with bells on!

Email, Oct 6
Wendy Burgess, Ettalong