Local case numbers begin to ease

Central Coast Local Health District has reported 17 and 18 daily COVID-19 cases during Tuesday and Wednesday respectively in their two 24 hour reporting periods.

The number indicates a downward trend compared with the last fortnight’s daily COVID cases numbers that have been consistently in the 30s.

Exposure sites

A series of new potential exposure sites have also been released over the last 48 hours that include two local Bunnings stores and the entry lounge at Gosford Hospital.

  • Bunnings Lake Haven (cnr Chelmsford Rd and Pacific Hwy, Charmhaven) 
    • Saturday 2 October, 12.40pm – 1.20pm
  • Bunnings West Gosford (3 Yallambee Ave, West Gosford) 
    • Tuesday 5 October, 1.05pm – 3pm
  • Platypus Shoes Erina Fair Shopping Centre, Terrigal Drive Erina 
    • Wednesday 6 October, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Gosford Hospital main entry lounge area (Holden St, Gosford)

Verified information source: Media releases Central Coast Local Health District October 19-25 2021

7 Comments on "Local case numbers begin to ease"

  1. Clive Anderson | October 14, 2021 at 6:37 pm | Reply

    It’s a total disgrace that Sydney siders can pollute the central coast but the double vaccinated on the coast cannot travel to regions
    The liberal government took vaccines from our areas to Sydney now even at 80% the clowns are saying we cannot travel to regions
    If you are double vaccinated what’s the point as central coast people we can travel within greater Sydney what a joke
    Adam Crouch is a disgrace to his for fathers so is the Liberal Government’s point in listening to Regional areas that have people who will not vaccinate Byron Bay Bellingen
    So Anti Vaxers are laughing at us all
    Think at the Polling Booth

  2. I agree wiyh you Clive. I live in Lake Macquarie & am dounled vaxxed. My elderly parents live at Kanwal who are also doubled vaxxed & I can’t see them. I live 25 minutes away from them, my siblings live in Sydney & by the health laws they can visit them but I can’t. I’m actually missing my dad’s 90th birthday on Saturday. As for the ant-vaxxed lot, they will get this virus & then they won’t be laughing at the majority of us who are vaccinated. No politican will be able to stop them from catching covid-19. Don’t worry Clive, time will tell.

  3. I am still confused with our LGA, how can Government officially announce that we were a Regional Area and in the next breath we are part of Greater Sydney again. How can they just chop and change our area at the drop of a hat with out us having a say. They say it’s about a surge in Covid Cases, but there are other regional areas that have high numbers, but still known as Regional. How’s that working out!! All about control and nothing but a political shambles. I’ll remember this at the Poles.

  4. Some more lovely news for the residents of the Central Coast today. Even when 80% double vaccination rates are reached, which should be this weekend, we are not allowed to travel to the “regions” until 1st November, but all the privileged little Sydneysiders who have their holiday homes up here can come and go as they please. Every time you hear these politicians talk, it is Sydney this and Western Sydney that.
    Regions and pseudo-regions such as the Central Coast are far from their minds. Always have been, always will be. I agree with you Chris, many of the anti-vaxxers will contract Covid, but sadly they will then clog up our already strained hospital system, as well as passing it on to those in the community who are double-vaxxed but vulnerable due to underlying conditions, disability or age. Not fair, is it.

  5. So the anti vaxxers and anti astra zenecas win..why would they bother getting the Jab???can stay on benefits for ever ..and not “pollute”their precious areas with us the double vaxxed…Am betting come Nov 1 there will be another excuse not to let us go ..Terribly upset..Got to say ..

  6. George Racovitis | October 16, 2021 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    I would like to know how in god’s name are we greater Sydney the central coast has always been regional so Mr Premier leave us alone and keep your virus down there,stop spreading it up here.

  7. All you silly buggers trying to blame regional towns for low vaccine rate restricting your movement is nonesense. Bellingen has high covid vaccine uptake considering we have only recently had enough vaccines available. And stop banging on about antivaxers you sound like ignorant fools. Antivax only make up a tiny percentage of vaccine hesitant people and dont pose a threat. They are also within their legal rights to refuse. You are just regurgitating media and government words who are just trying to blame others for their mistakes and so they have a scapegoat if this plan doesnt work out. Its childish. We are all in this together. As a vulnerable person living in regional australia, i havent been able to get my 2nd vaccine until this week despite best efforts. We have 1 ventilator in our small country hospital and four available in our major hospital half an hour away. We are also a very popular tourist destination and lots of sydney and central coast folk have family and holiday homes in our area. This is hard no matter who you are. Stop complaining and blaming. Grow up. We need the extra week to prepare here. Its not because we have high numbers of antivax or any of that nonesense. We just simply need that time to prepare and get second vaccines etc. Of course life will go on and this will be a time of both relief and worry. Its not going to be perfect and no one is going to have their needs fully met. Everyone has sacrificed something and for some it will be their lives. Kindess in any form goes a long way. So please act you age and stop spreading misinformation.

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